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We use the newest and most advanced techniques, equipment and technology available today, that allows us to perform the most sophisticated dental operations. Highly skilled specialists working here are the keystone of our success. Many of them have been educated in Western European countries and their high-level workmanship is based on extensive experience, acquired in the course of more then 20 years work in our clinic, which is warranted by numerous exclusive testimonials. Our “youngest” specialists have been working in our clinic for over 10 year’s period of time at a stretch.

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Prevention of tooth decay

It's no secret that the tooth is the main object, with which dentist is working. It is important to note that the tooth has a living structure and, moreover, this is not a small part which can be seen in the mouth. Of what is the tooth? He has a crown, also the part that is above the root and gums holding the tooth in the jaw. Many people... Read more

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is an essential part of our every day health-related routine. Many people still tend to neglect the proper oral care procedures and, as a result – have an increasing number of problems with their teeth and more frequent visits to the dentist. Meanwhile, mere compliance with simple oral care rules helps to effectively prevent many... Read more

Dental Hygiene Products

Local application of fluoride gels proved to have been very efficient preventive care against caries and gingivitis, as well as very good therapeutic agent, which delivers sensitivity relief. Sensitive cervical zone of teeth, inflamed gum, prevention of dental caries and caries of cervical zone of the tooth. EMOFLUOR® contains highly active... Read more

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