Dental HygieneOral hygiene is an essential part of our every day health-related routine. Many people still tend to neglect the proper oral care procedures and, as a result – have an increasing number of problems with their teeth and more frequent visits to the dentist. Meanwhile, mere compliance with simple oral care rules helps to effectively prevent many dental and gum diseases. On the face of it, one might think that oral care boils down just to the daily tooth brushing. That is not so. The quality dental hygiene implies series of procedures that require professional advice. In our dental clinic we will provide you with all necessary information on how to take proper care of your teeth – based on the individual plan comprising periodic examination and professional care, designed to free your teeth from plaque and to restore your tooth enamel. Such individual plan includes selection of personal healthcare products, type of the tooth brush and paste, moisturizers and gels, as well as training on correct technique of the tooth and gum brushing. Dental hygiene is absolutely vital to your overall health conditions and quality of life.

Oral hygiene for your snow-white smile

Sometimes life without unhealthy habits can be boring. Besides, it’s very difficult to get rid of things like smoking or drinking coffee. Moreover, erosion of your teeth enamel can be caused even by regular drinking of ordinary juice. It’s impossible to exclude all the detrimental factors of life completely, but their influence can be minimized. Oral hygiene procedures do exactly that. For example, coffee lovers have periodically to undergo a chairside teeth whitening and use special tooth pastes. Those who indulge in drinking juices need to use tooth pastes that re-build the tooth enamel affected by fruit acids. Our oral health and preventive care experts will help you to keep your teeth sound and healthy.

Correct tooth cleaning Correct tooth cleaning Correct tooth cleaning

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