It's no secret that the tooth is the main object, with which dentist is working. It is important to note that the tooth has a living structure and, moreover, this is not a small part which can be seen in the mouth.

Of what is the tooth?

Анатомия здорового человеческого зубаHe has a crown, also the part that is above the root and gums holding the tooth in the jaw. Many people know that the crown of the tooth is covered with a solid white layer or enamel. Under the crown there is the dentin, which refers to the yellow tissue that forms the main part of the tooth. In the middle of the tooth is the pulp - a "living nucleus of the tooth", containing of blood vessels and nerves. Recall that the adult has 32 permanent teeth.

What is tooth decay?

Now I would like to talk about the most common diseases of the teeth in the world - caries. Unfortunately, every year more and more deteriorating dental health of the adult population of Kiev. According to the IPH of Ukraine each adult is affected by caries average 9 teeth! It is noteworthy that caries affects solid tissues, because of the bacteria that reside in dental plaque. These bacteria do not attack the tooth; however, they are able to convert sugar contained in foods, into acid. This acid can dissolve tooth enamel, whereby it becomes porous. This process is painless and often remains unnoticed. Stop it possible. It is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar in the diet, use special medicated toothpastes, as well as to perform a set of activities, which will appoint a dentist. However, if the acid level remains high, so enamel destroyed. Unfortunately, this level is irreversible.

Кариес. Рисунок 1.

Кариес. Рисунок 2.

Кариес. Рисунок 3.

Treatment of dental caries.

Importantly, when the protective enamel layer is broken, so caries distributed cavities much faster. The result is that this cavity deepens to dentin. In this process, there is pain, which can cause thermal or chemical stimuli. This pain is not a long. To stop the destruction of tooth tissue is important to promptly put the filling. Otherwise, it will reach the pulp cavity and the millions of bacteria will attack the blood vessels and nerves. Because of this can be a complication of tooth decay called pulpits, which is accompanied by a very strong pain!

Чистка зубов с внешней стороны

Чистка зубов с внутренней стороны

Чистка зубов за щеками

Prevention of tooth decay

Why bring dental health to this? After all, in today's high level of dentistry, the availability of anesthesia, as well as the quality of filling materials caries treatment will take place smoothly and quickly. Importantly, treatment of caries is much cheaper than its complications! It must be remembered that the condition of the teeth, as well as oral mucosa rather intertwined with the health of the whole organism. Because, the presence of the illness tooth and multiple foci of inflammation in the dental tissue can cause heart disease, kidney and liver. A loss of teeth causes aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The primary prevention of dental caries is a thorough cleaning of the teeth, not less than 2 times a day, just a correct diet with limited carbohydrate intake and, of course, regular checkups at the doctor!

It is important to note that in the clinic "ESLI", will show and teach you how to properly clean the teeth, find individual funds on oral care. In addition, the specialist can remove plaque and stones, professionally lead of caries prevention with a special paste and gel. If necessary, our experts will professionally cure dental caries and its complications, using completely new techniques and filling materials! So, regular dental checkups 2 times per year and modern caries treatment will certainly help keep your teeth and greatly save your money! Be healthy!

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