Стоматологическая клиника «ЭСЛИ». Рука об руку с нашими пациентами.A perfect snow-white smile always catches the eye and helps a person to feel relaxed and self-confident. Up-to-date dental technologies allow us to preserve healthy and nice-looking teeth to a great age, however – this is something that requires regular trips to the dentist. We have to look after the teeth enamel, to safeguard our teeth from caries and to go through preventive dental procedures at regular intervals. Aesthetic stomatology, available in our clinic, is a topic in its own right and there is more to it then meets the eye – we can help you to build up your self-esteem, because bright and eye-filling smile defines your track record to a great extent. Let us tell you why our clinic is in such a good odour with our clients.

First-rate dental services

Стоматологическая клиника ЭСЛИ. Первоклассные стоматологические услуги.We use the newest and most advanced techniques, equipment and technology available today, that allows us to perform the most sophisticated dental operations. Highly skilled specialists working here are the keystone of our success. Many of them have been educated in Western European countries and their high-level workmanship is based on extensive experience, acquired in the course of more then 20 years work in our clinic, which is warranted by numerous exclusive testimonials. Our “youngest” specialists have been working in our clinic for over 10 year’s period of time at a stretch.

Basic range of services

- General dentistry, including endodontics, clasp and laminar denture, as well as metal-free and porcelain fused metal constructions;

- Aesthetic stomatology, including inlay cores, ceramic bridges and veneers;

- Professional orthodontology, including various types of braces and functional appliances;

- Safe teeth whitening procedures with preserving and rebuilding of the tooth enamel;

- Dental implant systems allowing to rehabilitate even a completely toothless mouth

Package programmes

Основные услуги стоматологической клиники ЭСЛИWe also offer to our customers the package solutions providing comprehensive dental care. They include oral examination, expert advice, treatment planning and management, as well as – continuing preventive control. These programmes, in conjunction with timely preventive care and use of good quality materials, will help you to improve and retain your dental health.

Your comfort is our top priority

Modern dentistry offers the up-to-date technologies for your comfort. Although dental procedures have not been associated with pain and discomfort for a long time already, many people still don’t like going to the dentist. Our professional imperative is full involvement and concern with our patients’ dental health problems. This attitude provides for comfortable environment and renders your treatment completely free of unnecessary discomfort.

Quality and Responsibility

Extensive experience of our professionals and leading edge technologies that we employ help us to exclude any possibility of medical error. The latter is typically fraught with loss of dental health of a patient – so we never take chances and see to it that our younger colleagues get timely and exhaustive advisory support from our more experienced dentists if needed. Responsibility before the clients – is a credo of our clinic ESLY. Come visit us! And we will always be able to help you.

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