Local application of fluoride gels proved to have been very efficient preventive care against caries and gingivitis, as well as very good therapeutic agent, which delivers sensitivity relief.

Sensitive cervical zone of teeth, inflamed gum, prevention of dental caries and caries of cervical zone of the tooth.

EMOFLUOR® contains highly active stabilizing stannous fluoride (II) (1000 mg/l F- and 3000 mg/l Sn ++), cariostatic (enamel and dentine), antibacterial and desensitizing properties of which have been scientifically backed.



RDA 18 (very low abrasively); free of colorants and preservatives. Remarkable adhesive properties.

Intensive treatment. Rub on using your finger tip once daily. Spit without rinsing.

EMOFLUOR® Зубная паста

EMOFLUOR® tooth paste

RDA 37 (low abrasively); Ra 0.49 (low abrading); Re 33.3 (excellent degree of cleaning); Stimulates saliva production and prevents dry mouth.

Brush three times a day with this toothpaste.

EMOFLUOR® Ополаскиватель для полости рта

EMOFLUOR® mouth rinse

  • stimulates the salivation and promotes the biological self-cleaning of the mouth
  • fresh and minty taste
EMOFLUOR® Увлажняющий гель для полости рта

EMOFLUOR® moisturizer

  • gives off moisture over a long period for dry mouth and helps to prevent caries
  • protects against caries and remineralizes teeth

Spray on your tongue 2-3 times and then spread the moisturizer around your mouth.

EMOFRESH® Дентальный спрей

EMOFRESH® moisturizer

  • immediately neutralizes damaging acid, hardens the enamel and reduces the risk of caries
  • remineralizes teeth and has the added bonus of being a breath freshener
EMOFORM® actifluor KIDS Детская зубная паста

EMOFORM® actifluor KIDS

Children's toothpaste with comprehensive protection for your child's baby teeth. It does not contain allergenic substances, dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or sodium lauryl sulphate.

TEBODONT ® Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree oil)

  • antimicrobial
  • fungicidal
  • antiviral
  • antiseptic


2.5% tea tree oil. For intensive treatment of irritated gums and oral mucosa. Inhibits plaque formation. Can be used to treat specific areas.



with 2% tea tree oil. For intensive treatment of irritated gums and oral mucosa, and excessive plaque formation.

TEBODONT® Ополаскиватель для полости рта

TEBODONT® mouth rinse

oral rinsing product that is claimed to have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Tebodont Mouth Rinse contains tea tree oil.

TEBODONT® Зубная паста

TEBODONT® tooth paste

With 0.75% tea tree oil.

  • inhibits plaque formation
  • invigorates the gums
  • prevents caries
TEBODONT® Зубная нить

TEBODONT® stretch floss

infused with tea tree oil

For getting the interdental spaces really clean, expands on contact with saliva into a spongy strand, which cleans more effectively

EMOFORM Duofloss

EMOFORM® Duofloss

A special-use interproximal dental cleaner that features an extra-thick brush section to clean around dental implants and under bridgework
EMOFORM® Triofloss

EMOFORM® Triofloss

Special everyday floss with floss threader, brush and floss section, all on one strand.

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